Saturday, 6 September 2014

2captcha Captcha Entry Work

A new captcha entry server 2captcha is online now. Earn online with 2captcha data entry server. It has low payout of $0.5 via webmoney. Other supported payment methods are Paypal and Payza (have $5 and $1 payout respectively)

Payment Proof Of 2captcha

Here is my payment proof of 2captcha

2captcha payment proof

Click here to make 2CAPTCHA account

Thursday, 4 September 2014

List of highest paying GPT sites start earning money

There you go, the list of highest paying legit GPT sites. Get register and earn money online. They are free to join.

#1.) PointDollars

#2.)  SuperPoints

#3.)  GlobalActionCash

#4.)  ToxicRewardz

#5.)  CyberGPT

#6.)  HighestPayGPT

#7.)  InstaGC

#8.)  DollarSignup

#9.)  PocketMoneyGPT

#10.)  WizardBucks

#11.)  OfferNation

#12.) SuperPay

#13.) BankRollBucks

#14.) PaidTheFastest

#15.)  PaidDailySurveys

#16.)  TreasureTrooper

#17.)  SwagBucks

#18.) GPTBanks

#19.)  ZoomBucks

#20.) GPTBucks

#21.)  GPTNow

#22.)  GardenGPT

#23.) GiftCardGPT

#23.)  MePrizes

#25.) ShareCashGPT

#26.)  GiftHulk

#27.)  SurveyGround

#28.)  DiamondTask

#29.)  CashClam

#30.)  SpectroRewards

#31.)  ABitBack

#32.)  GetYerGameOn

#33.)  DollarsGPT

#34.)  Rewards-Spot

#35.)  GetPaidTo

#36.)  FreeEasyPrizes

#37.)  FunDollarz

#38.)  HoneyDollarz

#39.)  SquishyCash

#40.)  PaidTheBest

#41.)  GPTPal

#42.)  RewardingWays

#43.)  MooGPT

#44.)  HottDollars

#45.)  LuckyKoin

#46.)  PeoplesGPT

#47.)  FridayPayDays

#48.)  PiggyBankGPT

#49.)  Irazoo

#50.)  FusionCash

#51.)  BestPayGPT

#52.)  Zyty

#53.)  MadMoneyGPT

#54.)  FsPrizes

#55.)  DollarRewardz

#56.)  PrizeRebel

#57.)  Rewards1

#58.)  EarnThePrize

#59.)  PrizePlank

#60.)  SimpleGPT

#61.)  SurveyHunt

#62.)  GlobalPointz

#63.)  DealBarbiePays

#64.)  CenterOfPrizes

#65.)  BeerPongMoney

#66.)  GPTBee

#67.)  PaidSurveysLive

#68.)  GPTDollars

#69.)  DreamGPT

#70.)  Points4Ads

#71.)  FairyTaleTreasures

#72.)  GiftHunterClub

#73.)  LuckyTaskz

#74.)  FunHouseGPT

#75.)  SweetGPT

#76.)  CoasterCash

#77.)  Task-Bastion

#78.)  Tasks4Dollars

#79.)  TranGPT

#80.)  FastDollarz

#81.)  Points4Rewards

#82.)  PrizeZombie

#83.)  SURewardsGPT

#84.)  MemoLink

#85.)  CashCrate

#86.)  CashPirate

#87.)  CashRocket

#88.)  OneStopGPT

#89.)  KissMyCash

#90.)  SurveyWage

#91.)  AnythingFree4You

#92.)  GPTOffers

#93.)  ClickOrSignup

#94.)  DollarClickOrSignup

#95.)  TikiTreasure

#96.)  FireHouseOffers

#97.)  HillbillyDollarz

#98.)  GoldDiggerGPT

#99.)  QuickPayReward

#100.)  EpicRewardz

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Online Data Entry Work From Home

Data Entry Work Earn $100 to $200 Per Month

Work from home and earn from $100 and more per month. No investment is required. Just apply for you data entry account and earn while working from home. Easy job moms can do this too just need typing skill to type in the captcha images.
All the necessary software and other instruction will be provided. Check you the following link to book your place before it gets too late. This is high paying admin so don't lose this opportunity.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Earn From Paying GPT sites

If you want easy home earning from legit GPT sites please visit the link below.


They pay via Paypal, Amazone, bitcoin and other online payment methods.

Monday, 25 November 2013


This post is about a very good e-currency ex-changer name PAYMENTBASE. You can exchange to or from payza, perfectmoney, egopay, okpay, paxum, c-gold etc.

To checkout this website click this link  *** PAYMENTBASE ***

Friday, 9 August 2013

Megatypers Invitaion Code 2013 August With Free Software

Great offer: Get the following invitation codes to register and also get free teammegatypers captcha entry software. Please check out the Software Download & Tutorial page

Megatypers Invitation Codes September 2013

Click to find out how to register with megatypers

Megatypers invitation code 2013






Free Teammegatypers Software:

Be a part of teammegatypers by registering with any of the invitation code given above or given in other post and get free teammegatypers software. The software will be availabe at end of August 2013 (انشاء اللہ).

Features And Advantages Of The Software

  1. A team member can work on multiple id's (3-5) at the same time thus a good typer would able to type in 1000 captcha (aggregate of all the id's) in 1 hour.
  2. Multiply your earning from 3X upto 5X and even more if you have the typing speed to match the server speed.
  3. Get captcha faster than on the web page.
Check out the screen shot of features: Click the image for larger view

Megatypers Free Software By Teammegatypers
Free Megatypers Invitaion Code With Software

Apply For The Free Software

There are two ways to apply for the free software, but before going into the matter first understand the underline working environment.

Free Megatypers Invitaion Codes
Free Megatypers Invitaion Code With Software

As you can see the software does not connect to the megatypers server directly but through the teammegatypers admin panel.

It means you will be given id's to connect to the teammegatypers admin panel, those id's will be mapped to your original login email and login password thus let you to connect to the megatypers server. Now check out the two ways to get your free software.

1. The existing users who already registered with the invitation codes mentioned in this blog and the new users who wan to register by themselves using these codes can apply by sending their login details the actual email and actual password to the

It is assured that the admin would not temper your profile and your details at all. In addition megatypers do not allow to alter the payment method and payment account so you do not have to worry about your earnings they will be safe and you can always check this by logging into your account from megatypers login interface.

Once we are provided with the login details we verify that the account(s) is made under our invitation code and will add them up into our panel and send you the software's login id and password which will be different than the original ones and only used to connect the software to the admin panel which eventually connects you to your megatypers account. Currently we are providing 3-5 id's thus you need to provide 3-5 your megatypers login details which are registered under our invitation code.

Note if you send your details on the day of your megatypers account registration, then you need to wait 24-48 hours to get verified.

2. The other method is just send us followings at
 2.1 Valid Email Address to create megatypers account.
 2.2 Payment Method (Paypal/Payza/Perfect Money) you want to use for each Id (in case you apply for more than 1 id)
 2.3 Unique Payment Account for each id. Now you don't need multiple payment accounts, I can make you multiple megatypers accounts with single payment account.
For example : 
Payza:         (Available in Pakistan)
Perfect Money: UXXXXXXX        (Available in Pakistan)

Once we are done with your account registration, you will be provided with software ids which you use to connect the software to our panel and eventually to the megatypers server.

You will also given the original login details which you can use to login directly through megatypers login page.

Software available now. Please check out the Software Download & Tutorial page.

Disclaimer: teammegatypers will not be responsible for any loss of your earnings and other valuable things.
Registering with codes mentioned in comments section will not let you qualify to apply for the free software.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Online Jobs From Home

  (14th August 2013)



Megatypers invitation code to get registered and earn online from home by doing captcha data entry jobs.

Grab any of the following megatypers invitation codes



Captcha Typing Advice:

1. Type all captchas in lower case.
2. Type maximum recognizable letters from the captchas having bad visibility.
3. Do not use "Don't Know" (Escape) many times instead type any letter even if wrong.
4. If there is any math expression, put in the result e.g., if captcha shows 700+10+1, the result 711 should be the answer.
5. If captcha displays number in spelling form then type those numbers: e.g., if captcha like six four eight three, then you must type in 6483

Hope you find these guides helpful.

Take a look following link for 

online earning through PTC.